Friday, 22 July 2011

Deja Vu All Over Again and Again

I posted that doing the same trade over and over again is a good way of getting to CP. The last three days have shown how practical this is.

Today, I'm also showing the bar chart side of the trade. This time, it was Flo who found the short, which was good for over 220 Euro per contract after my hybrid exit.

Again, we had a Gap open and could lean on resistance when order flow showed that the new high could not be sustained. Flo caught the entry beautifully. We've been improving the logic of the algo. The exit was clear after we got near VAH of yesterday, looked to an overlapping Profile far to the left and, most importantly, the 99EMA holding. Game, set and match for the trade.That MarketDelta Market profile is terrific. I run a 24 hour as well as the RTH for each particular market. In the case of the DAX, my RTH is for the actual European stock market opening hours which is well inside the DAX futures trading hours.

While volatile markets such as the DAX are harder to master, I think ts well worth it if you are a very short term trader, like I am, as I get my gratification very fast and the trade profit size is larger.

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