Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace

This Tuesday was anything but graceful. The London morning started with both the stock indices and the Euro going south. Not just south, but we were in sight of the South Pole.

Then enough was enough and the mythical Plunge Protection Team came in and brought us back to the European opening prices by the U.S. RTH after giving us a heap of good trades, both up and down. It was an exhausting morning as I was spoiled for choice. We've developed an additional OrderFlow filter for Flo to be even more selective in her trades. Even so, she found 27 DAX trades just in the morning with a 66% win rate and low drawdown. I was also trading the Bund, the Euro, and the ES. It was a great morning. Let's see how the afternoon goes.


  1. Hey El,

    Who chooses the cci period for Flo?

  2. Sounds like Flo is maturing quite nicely. What are your plans for her in the future?