Thursday, 11 August 2011

500th Post - Save This Date

This is my 500th post since October 2009 when this blog began.

The best is yet to come.

On November 5, 6, 7 and 13, I will be hosting a paid Workshop to teach the latest ElectronicLocal techniques and particularly how to use technology to trade them with new indicators and algos.

All of the Flo indicators and strategies will be available to attendees in open code. A strict non disclosure agreement will be required to protect the intellectual property. The workshop will show you how to put indicators together and when and how to use them; how to use algos to trade for you, turning them on and off, changing algos from one to another in different times of the day and in different market conditions to suit the context.

There has never been a workshop like this. You'll see the algos we create together trade in live markets.

If you have been missing trades or getting too much slippage then try using an algo for entries. As the market is setting up, turn the algo on so that when the setup is complete, the trade will be triggered by the algo automatically.

This is a workshop for traders and coding experience is not required as I will share my easylanguage (MultiCharts/TradeStation) and RTL (MarketDelta) code with you, a lot of which I haven't been able to show in the blog. I will also have a list of programmers that I know who you can use if you want anything professionally coded but most of you probably won't need them.

From all the mentoring I have been doing the last two years, it has become clear to me that some traders need very visual information in order to make quick decisions to pull the trigger. Both trade algos and indicators more than meet this need.

Due to the hands on nature of the workshop, I will be limiting the attendees and places will be available on a first come basis. There have only been two EL webinars/seminars and this will be the third. And you all know how much importance I attach to the number "3".

I had planned to have the sign up page ready today but PayPal issues, again, caused a delay of a few days so watch this space for further details of this event and a video showing Flo in action.

Cost of the 5 days will be $5,000 and $4,000 for previous students who have either attended one of the previous two trainings or have purchased the DVDs. As usual, a percentage of the proceeds goes to my two Cancer Charities. All attendees will get clear code of various Flos I have coded as well as the new indicators you have seen on my charts and others that you have not seen.


When the market changes volatility I adjust stops, targets and size. With greater volatility comes, usually, larger targets or many more trades so size can be reduced as stops are further away. Also, I tend to be a bit more selective in my trades as there are so many more of them.

Today's chart is of the DowEuroStoxx50 futures traded on Eurex. Daily Volume is similar to the ES. 


  1. Where does one sign up for the workshop?

  2. The sign up page will appear as soon as PayPal gets its act together, hopefully before Monday.

  3. Will this be an online workshop?

  4. Yes, online using GoToWebinar where we can share desktops.

  5. could you please share the curriculum? Thanks.

  6. Curriculum is on the sign up page that will be posted before Monday when PayPal has done its thing.