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Algo and Hybrid Trading Workshop - Beat the HFTs

There Has Never Been A Webinar Training Event Like This ...Ever.
 Watch the FloBot Algo in Action below

Learn To Create An Algo And Learn How To Trade With It, Fully Auto, Hybrid and Manual Using Algo Alerts.

Running from Saturday  5 November to Tuesday 8 November 2011 participants will learn the theory behind creating an algo before going on to create and use their own. In live trading, they will learn how to put the algo strategies and indicators into practice. The rest of the week is for the participants to put what they have learned into practice on their own, and then on Sunday 13 November 2011  we get together again to discuss questions and difficulties that may have come up during that week. For the next three months EL will provide email support to help with anything else that may come up.

Every trading technique and code will be disclosed.  Nothing held back.
What The Workshop Will Cover:
  • The EL Methodology 
    • High Win Rate Trades with the Trend
    • High Win Rate CounterTrend Trades
  • You will get the EL Theory DVD Set  
    • (currently being sold for $1,000) before the workshop, so you hit the ground running when we start.
  •  Choosing A Trading Platform That Suits Your Needs And Skills
    • We will discuss them all including MarketDelta, MultiCharts, TradeStation, Ninjatrader, Sierra and many others
  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fully Auto Trading And Hybrid Trading
    • You can do both for different circumstances
  •  Designing An Algo
    • For Fully Auto Trading
    • For Hybrid Trading Algo enters, you exit manually)
  •  The Testing Process
    • Optimization
    • No curve fitting
    • Data selection
  •  EL's FloBot Indicators and Algo Logic and How to Use Them
    • This is based on over 40 years of experience and all attendees will receive a lifetime license  for running Flo MultiCharts and a disclosure of how EL constructs and uses the Pressure Change Alert and Order Flow indicators.

FLOBOT Webinar

This is a workshop for Traders, not coders. No Coding skills needed!

The aim of this workshop is show you how to make an algo that can create consistency using a backtested structured methodology with instant trade recognition and instant trade entry that meets your Trading Plan. 

Manually entering trades is too slow and inconsistent in today’s High Frequency Trading environment. To compete on an even playing field you need to use technology to bridge the gap between theory and live trading. No analysis paralysis, no rogue trades outside your TP. Speed and Consistency.

In this workshop, I will take you, step by step, through how to create and use an algo to trade.  At the end of the workshop you will have an algo you made as well as one I made, Flo. You will also get the new Pressure Change Alert and Order Flow indicators logic to use in your own platform or the studies themselves for use in MultiCharts and TradeStation.

If you have been struggling to get to CP (consistent profitability)  look at the information and videos in this website and my blog. It may be just the thing that takes you over the hump. 

Using an algo means you only have to be smart once when you create it, and not have to operate at 110% efficiency every day. If you would rather use the algo I created, I'll let you use FloBot for life after showing you at the workshop how she works.

Every participant will finish the workshop with an algo that has been backtested as profitable - one that they have designed, as well as FloBot, for MultiCharts created by EL.  They will also learn how EL created and uses The Pressure and Order Flow Indicators so they can code it for their own trading platform. You will also get some easylanguage code snippets that EL thinks will be invaluable and which you may want to re-code in the language of your platform.  Parts of these indicators are also available for MarketDelta, IRT, NinjaTrader, TradeStation and they will be made available to attendees as is.

EL has the names of some good coders for anyone who wants to get some professional help with their coding.

If this doesn't take you to CP, what will?

Past students have said:

Z, on 27 July 2011 said:
In the stage 1.1 practice I executed 59 trades and reached 69.49 %. Although it is not quite 70 % :-) I want to use the findings and lessons learned to go to stage 1.2. I trade sometimes without thrust, I fall sometimes into analysis paralysis (only on good trades :-), but I practice to reduce those.

D, on 25 July 2011 said:
Hi Tom
i have worked my way through the majority of the dvd's.
Learned a hell of lot and will have to review equally as much.
It's amazing how the patterns repeat themselves. While watching the dvds
the same patterns were setting up in the market as i watched it live.
The range bars are great for consistency.
You have really put a lot in to this work and the saying 'heart and soul' comes to mind.
I suppose im at the stage where i think a one to one would be good- inspite having three dvd's left eek
by the way i love how structured the process is. So much so the errors i make in the present you have address during the dvd's
It's like you are by myside. Oh by the way i've got beyond the point where i think im actually there live, try to ask a question, then
remember doh it's a recording.
Great great work.

R, on 21 July 2011 said:

Hi Tom,
I have been watching videos to learn to trade e mini BUT I have started using the CCI 45/6   slingshot and zeroline and gap trades on stocks like aapl,goog,wynn etc on 5 min charts 
I have made close to 100 points .Instead of buying breakouts as before i am now a pullback trader
I also use  VWAP with bands and VB in MD on these stocks and TPO ,for POC
Sp the money spent on the videos has been recovered multiple times

thanks for that

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