Thursday, 18 August 2011

Why A Workshop And Not Just Licensed Algos

Once I realised how powerful algos were in not just my own trading, but how an algo could take a trader to CP even more quickly and surely, my first thought was to license a locked version of Flo to students.

We started writing a manual, showing Flo to a few students and it quickly became clear that this wouldn't work for them.

Just like trading, a trader needs to "own" his algo. He needs to know and understand exactly how it trades and why. Without this, it is difficult to configure an algo and even more difficult to believe its signals. It's doing brain surgery blindfolded. Can be done, but the chances of survival are small.

I then decided that if I wanted to help people to get to CP quickly and more surely then I had to reveal it all. The full monte.

Some people who I respect tried to talk me out of it, as I would be giving away many years of work.

None the less, this is how its going to be. I guess it's like sky diving. You need to pack your own parachute so you know you can rely on it. You need to tailor your suit to fit you and no one else and you need to acquire the knowledge to do that.

This workshop will be like no other! It has been carefully designed after the last two years of experience mentoring quite a few people and after more than 30 years using computer technical analysis and after some 45 years of trading the markets.

The sign ups so far have been a majority of past students. I can hardly wait for November for the workshop to begin.

The shazbat hit the flag again today. No surprise if you have been reading the blog. Reality is slowly setting in. Realignment is a painful business but brings opportunity for traders.

Still a very busy day today. I guess I'll be working well after my usual gentleman's hours. I'm glad Flo is doing her share.

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