Monday, 12 September 2011

Another Trading Picture- In Oil

Lots of things remind me about trading. The picture of the painting below which is in one of Budapest's museums is one of them. Kiki took the picture and it obviously hit a cord with her too.

The guy eagerly caressing the girl could represent the trader while the girl picking his pocket is the other market participants.

This, to me, reminds me of the importance of testing and quantifying my performance. Hope does not have a place in my trading plan, neither does luck. I am always glad of a little extra luck, but never make luck the basis of any part of my trading plan.

Back to more active trading today, in the Euro. The Euro had come down hard against the dollar last week, so I was watching to see if the downdraft would continue today. There was one more blip down as I was getting up - I wasn't at my screens at the time. Price then rallied back to "value" at the EMAs. "They" then had a few attempts to sell it but I didn't expect it to work as my Order Flow filter was green and the Pressure Change Alert was signalling too. I sold the 99EMA twice, with a some joy the first time and only a little the second time.

I decided that as the market couldn't go down, it "had" to go up and waited for the trend to change - bigCCI > 0. I bought the first pullback, scaled and loaded as the market moved my way. I called it a good morning as we hit my fav fib.

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