Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sale of the Century

Come on Down!

The DAX opens at 7am London time, 1 hour before the actual stock market opens against which the underlying index is calculated.

The open looked weak, but then the market just moved up in almost a straight line- but lethargically. I saw this big cave in the Market Profile before the open and my vision was that the price should go there, so I was looking for a sell opportunity.

I didn't get it until price hit yesterday's VAH. I also saw tails on the candles indicating higher price rejection. "They" were selling the highs. So I did too. Especially since my fav Fib area was there too and a double top.

Where did I cover? At the opposite Fib. "From sea to shining sea"  as the American national anthem says. The sale was around 5580 and the cover around 5520 gave me 60 points per contract or 1,500 Euros. On a 5 lot that would make a nice day. Patience and a trading plan.

Winter is arriving here in the mountains in the Haute Savoie. The first sign was that on the week-end my favourite cheese, Vacherin, had arrived at the supermarket's cheese counter. The cheese with a little caraway seed sprinkled on it, french bread (baguette) and one of my favourite red wines.....

The second sign was that our housekeeper, who lives higher up our mountain, said it had snowed on Sunday afternoon.

I can hardly wait for the skiing to begin. Looks like a better season is on its way this year.


  1. Tom, we can't see the pictures clearly. Looks like you uploaded very low resolution ones.

    Since you're nearby, you should come and taste the wines from Echichens (near Morges, Switzerland) sometimes. Every saturday morning from 10am to 12pm at cave Henri Cruchon. We've done this a few times with family and friends and everybody has a great time. There are some very high quality wines around here! -Max

  2. Max, same pics as usual. I think its a blogger issue but I'll keep trying to resolve.

  3. Fixed. Thanks for spotting it. I've tried a couple of Swiss wines in my time, mostly whites. Echichens sounds like a good day trip in the summer. I'll remember you mentioning it.