Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Strange Morning in Europe

It was a quiet and strange morning in Europe as "they" were waiting for the vote in, of all places, Slovakia. Slovakia is the other half of the Czech Republic on the border of Hungary. They are deciding whether to pay any money towards the Greek debacle. As of the writing of this part of the blog, they are still deciding. The DAX chart below shows the break down, finally, after Eurex broke down (for lack of activity?) for an hour or so. We're doing some decorating here and I was carrying wooden planks upstairs at the time so let my software manage my trades.

Algo entries are great on days like this, when things are so quiet and it's hard to sit there and keep concentrating. There are a bunch of VB and volume indicators on this chart, some of which are used in the algo. The MarketDelta version gives signals that catches the moves as you can see. Guys at the Nov 5 Workshop will have a lot of tools to choose from for their TPs and algos.


  1. Hi EL,

    Do you have a "bail out" point on trades that go sideways. In other words, do you get out of a trade if it hasn't moved in your direction within 5 bars, or 10 minutes, or any rule like that?

  2. Anon 17:41 if the EMAs go horizontal I scratch the trsde unless the bigCCI is really far from the zero line.

  3. C'mon, Slovakia is not the other half of the Czech Republic. We were together and we're separated for almost 20 years now http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slovakia

  4. "Slovakia is the other half of the Czech Republic on the border of Hungary."

    Coming from Czech Republic, this "summary" just made my day :))))))))))))))))))))

  5. RT, Anon, I was in Bratislava when I was four years old. I think it's great you guys are being responsible and trying to keep Euroland honest!