Wednesday, 30 November 2011

All Change?

There is some evidence that the world is finally paying attention to what is happening in the financial markets. The concerted action by the world's central banks is a major indication to me that it is intending to hold the line somewhere here.

We are far from being out of the woods as far as growth is concerned until the jobs situation is properly addressed, but I feel better that the financial system will be better cared for. What I want to see is some more steps to solve the sovereign debt situation so that the problem not just the symptoms are addressed.

The chart today is the ES 3 tick Renko with wicks. MarketDelta can put wicks on Renkos which is great.

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  1. Would you ever consider showing your actual entries and exits rather than suggestions of area's of entry? This would include full stop out's, break even's, etc. Also, aren't you concerned with VWAP? Thank you.