Friday, 4 November 2011

Workshop Starts Tomorrow With A Full House

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I love these training sessions as I see traders change the way they think about their trading during and after the training.

We have a mixture of traders attending this one, but no girl traders. Kiki was disappointed. Women can have great intuition that makes them great traders. I'm surprised there aren't more of them trading. Our group is part previous webinar/seminar attendees, part DVD students and part blog readers. All have in common the fact that they want to trade. We have a lot of ground to cover. The curriculum is almost 70 slides long and starts from the very basics of the EL methodology, working through how to trade it on a discretionary basis and then how to convert that discretion into Hybrid trading (auto algo entry with manual trade management in accordance with a TP) and then fully auto trading.

I finished my preparation for the Workshop at about 5 am London time and was ready to trade when the DAX opened. Candace started her last cull of the material and we'll do a last check early Saturday morning here in France.

Lots of news around today. The DAX has had a range of about 240 points -  a 6,000 Euro value, and it did that range about twice so far. Lots of opportunity.

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