Thursday, 5 January 2012

Euro Is Still Doing Its Thing

The fundamental difference between a discretionary trader and an auto trader is- the EXITS. Hybrid trading is discretionary trading - the auto entry is a discipline enforcing mechanism to stick to trades in your TP, identify them instantly and execute them without delay. Using the computer for this purpose can shorten many peoples' journey to CP. No analysis paralysis. No off piste trades. Less screen time needed to go to live as the entries are locked in. Consider this option when you are deciding how to trade. The technology is there and does help considerably.

The Euro was doing it's thing. That market is like an Everready battery - it just goes and goes. The outside in LONGs made money. The second of them at 13:18 London time was the more usual, giving a second pullback before it took off. Had I waited for the second pullback on the earlier outside in, I would have missed the trade. Usually I'm only 50% sized on these and can double down if I can get a worthwhile price.


  1. EL can you tell me what the setting for your CCI is relative to price is it based on HLCAvg or Close or something else, there is a slight difference in my CCI on Sierra Charts and your charts.