Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Just Another Day at the Office

Today's chart is the Euro future: 3 tick Renko box. I really do prefer the Renko nowadays for my discretionary trading as the charts are so clean and the noise is filtered.

The second and the third are outside in trades and the last trade on the chart was is still open as I write this.

The extra cyan lines are regular Bollinger Bands. They are good to use for outside in trades.


  1. On the 3rd Outside in the CCI didn't reach -200 I use the -200 as a guide for My Set up. I missed a good trade in the ES yesterday because of the same thing any suggestions?

  2. Sorry I answered my own Question. Watch Order Flow I've been getting Low quality VB data upgrading to E signal today before I go live.

    Thank you as Always

  3. Tom,
    Could you talk about entry on Renko charts, do you enter on close of the first Renko in the direction of your trade or the second or some other entry criterea.

  4. Nick, I enter when I "see" that there will be follow through. Trade location is important.

  5. Tom,
    I have been trading simulated following your charts and doing well. When I switch to TradeStation live I can't get any of my 1 lot orders filled on the matrix. It seems like everyone is entering at nearly the same location. Any advice on how to get orders filled as a small trader?

  6. Anon 11:19. I think it depends on the market. Some markets such as the ES are hard to get a fill on limit orders when you join the bid. Look for the posts where I talk about anticipating the close of the range bar. This way you can enter on a stop limit and be filled.