Friday, 17 February 2012

Another Friday Waiting For Godot

I remember when I was at school, I saw a play by Beckett: Waiting for Godot. It was a comedy of sorts, but a bit tedious. Although it must have had something to recommend it besides the title because I still remember it.

Well, it's another Friday where we are waiting for Monday's Greek resolution. People seem to be tiring of caring. This week-end is a long week-end in the U.S., so maybe people are a little more nervous. We'll see if Godot arrives or whether we will be waiting for him again another few weekends.

The Euro finally reacted during the mid London morning after a choppy start.


  1. Hi EL,
    Can you provide any insight on how you pick your chart type and bar interval on any given day? I see renko and momentum used on the Dax, a range bar of 0.75 on the ES and a renko of 0.0005 on the EC. Can you talk about what you look for and when you start to try and fit the activity into a specific chart. Do you have 3 or 4 different charts open at once any any one contract and see which one the market is fitting into?

  2. what timeframe are the candles you use? 1-minute? I can't tell.

  3. Anon 04:50, this is a 5 tick renko chart.

  4. Anon 0:24, I ususally look at the overnight markets and look for whether there will be a gap open from previous day's close. This gives an idea of volatility change. I tend to stick with the same range or renko bars unless volatility changes. In the last year the changes have been more dramatic due to the drop in volume. I chart per market. I trade only the trend of the chart I'm watching.