Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Do You Want to Just Trade or Do you Want to Make Money?

Many traders on the road to CP believe that the more they trade, the more they will make. Not necessarily true. Yes, you need a lot of screen time when you are learning but have very specific trading pictures in your trading plan and just trading those makes more sense.

Every time you click that mouse, you are assuming risk. Only assuming that risk when your chances of making money are the greatest makes economic and psychological sense.

Achieving CP on only one picture on one market is easier than blasting around with a shot gun. Once you are CP on one picture, you can add additional pictures one at a time.

This morning in London was quiet. Light Crude was where I was. The day started with CL failing to change from a down trend to an uptrend. Like the Sherlock Holmes story "The Dog that didn't Bark in the Night", when something doesn't happen, it tells you a lot. After that failure which I caught with the first trade, it was all down hill (pun intended).

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  1. jenrique42

    is there any way to differentiate the LIO which are not?


    hay alguna forma de poder diferenciar las LIO de las que no lo son?