Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I Want To Show You My Trades In Advance

I trade a lot of things in different time frames. Apart from my daytrading I trade options on futures, ETFs, Indices and a few stocks. The instruments I trade on these longer time frames are listed below.

I'm looking for a way to share these proposed trades, before the trade, with readers for an educational purpose only. I do not advocate that anyone should follow my trades as your risk tolerance, financial situation and understanding are unknown to me and I'm not a financial adviser, but I think that seeing the trades may provide a benefit to you and give you ideas for your own portfolio.

I'll let you know how I'm going to do this as soon as I work it out, but I want to show the trades I am going to put on, why I am putting them on and what I expect out of each trade.

After the option trade I spoke about a few days ago, I got quite a few emails from people who are interested in these longer term trades as they cannot or do not want to sit in front of a screen all day. The idea behind these trades is that I put them on before the market opens so I can concentrate on my day trading, or just on doing something else.

Anyone that has ideas about adding to my list, leave a comment or email. As long as it is liquid enough, I'll have a good look at it.

In any case, I'll show the trades I intend to put on and then show the results when I take them off. Tightrope walking - no net.

This is an attempt to engage you in these trades so you can follow them as they unfold, if you want, as just another way of learning. I hope you get some great ideas from what I do and benefit from them.


  1. Tom, great idea! Can you concentrate mostly on simple trades and not options...

  2. Anon 09:18, I'll show the trade and how to take it with both the underlying and options to manage risk if the option route is better.

  3. jenrique42

    this was my opportunity today


    and now seems to want to make a change in trend is 20.48


    este fue mi oportunidad de hoy


    y ahora parece que quiere hacer un cambio de tendencial son las 20.48

  4. Tom this is a wonderful idea. I have always been interested in options but found then to confusing. Looking forward to learning from you. This year has been great so far, the method i learned from your seminar is really working great.

    John S

  5. Hey, it's truly looking interesting! As I am totally inspired to see your trades in advance. It's completely looking one of the mind blowing conception source for me. Thanks for sharing.