Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Biz as Usual

Today was a biz as usual trading day. The market couldn't hold its highs, gold is down and that's the state of play as I write this.

DAX in the U.S. RTH time did its thing. It's a great contract if you like the volatility. I had a few good trades today. I didn't trade the DAX too well a couple of days ago when there was not enough follow through. I really need that volatility. I'm using 6 tick range bars.


  1. A while back you mentioned that you might start tweeting closer to real time some of your trades...any more on that?

  2. Jefe, yes. I'm testing it. I'm in London and will be back in France next week so will have more time.

  3. Hi EL,

    just wanted to say that i love your blog. thank you for that.

    keep up the excellent work!