Monday, 12 March 2012

Transition Continues

As you have seen in my charts recently, I have been introducing a little more noise into my charts for my discretionary trading. As the daily ranges are smaller, I sometimes use volume bars to get more pullbacks to trade. Once the volatility is back, or on more volatile days, I will still use range bars as I don't want that noise as the swings are big enough. Methodology remains unchanged: identify the trend of the chart and trade the pullbacks.

Daylight savings began today in the U.S. Europe will be out of synch until 15 March but it will be a shorter day for us.

Light Crude today was biz as has become usual. Markets aren't feeling as bullish today.  I just traded the trends I saw them. Down. The 987 Volume Bars were pretty clear. I could have dropped down to the 610 (both fib numbers - don't really "believe" in fib numbers).

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