Friday, 30 March 2012

Waking up in London Morning Time

Today's DAX chart shows trading as easy as it gets. By the time I woke up, the trend was in place and all I had to do was buy the pullbacks. All the trades on the chart are winners except the last one - small loss.


  1. Hey EL-

    Thanks for all the posts. Any thoughts on covering your exit strategies? I have backtested the slings to my heart's content using fixed stop loss/profit target, ATR/Parabolic SAR stops, percent trailing and indicator stops and cannot seem to have a profitable system with acceptable risk/reward profile (something like 1:2 or win/loss ratio greater than or close to 2). Any suggestions?



  2. js, Are you asking discretionary or auto? For discretionary I just watch for loss of momentum and change of the flow. For auto, I start with tight targets and wide stops. I then go to dynamic targets and stops that adjust to market volatility.

  3. Tom, how do you define loss of the momentum? By the time one realizes it, lots of profit is gone...

  4. Anon 02:18, Watch where price is in relation to EMAs, CCIs show the momo.