Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Catching the Change of Trend

The best trade of the day is when I catch the change of trend. Firstly, I have to identify the trend - the trend of the chart I am trading. Next, I have to identify that the trend is changing. Once I can see that, I need to look for the trigger. And finally, I then need to squeeze as much out of the trade as I can, scaling out and reloading as the new trend evolves. Of course I want to be aware when this new trend ends and then repeat the process.

When I awoke this morning, Crude was on the move. I had to switch to a 3 minute chart as the volume was quite low and I needed a 3 minute chart to see the swings. It was the changing of trend that caught my eye. I had just let the dog out and was about to begin my morning ritual going through news and charts but the crude chart was simply irresistible.

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