Friday, 27 April 2012

Market Started Down But....

...the way was really up. The DAX reflected this opportunity. The trend turned up early and was easy to identify and trading the pullbacks was not difficult. Whether you trade trough to peak and reload, or you trade scaling out from time to time and holding runners until the trend ends, it did not matter. I'm more of a trough to peak guy who reloads, but read back in the blog if you want to see discussions about exits. These change of trend entries are golden.


  1. Ditto here in USLAND trading the ES.

  2. jenrique42

    intereseado someone to form a facebook group to discuss the trades and autoevaluanros? would be a big step for us all share experiences


    hay alguien intereseado en formar un grupo en facebook para comentar los trades y autoevaluanros? seria un gran paso para todos nosotros intercambiar experiencias