Friday, 13 April 2012

Optimists and Pessimists

There are optimists and pessimists trading the markets, fighting it out. Volumes are still falling. I'm not sure whether it's the HFTs that are trading less now or whether the so-called hedge funds are finding it harder to take on risk. Banks are constrained by the Volcker Rule and other misconceived regulation. Retail traders seem to be not here in their previous droves. A pity really because there are lots of opportunities in the markets, albeit on a shorter term basis.

My morning (London time) started off with weakness in both the DAX, the Euro and Crude. But there was still plenty of milk.


  1. Hey EL,

    Where did you exit the "small loser trade?" Above the 33? Above the 99? Any information you can provide about exits is very helful.

    Thank you.

    1. Anon01:11, Look at the momentum change in the CCIs and a new high.