Friday, 11 May 2012


Part of my process is envisioning what might happen. I create a bias if you can call it that. I don't care if my vision is right or wrong as I get information even if it's wrong. I need an idea.

My thoughts today are that we will get a day or two of upward retracement before we see the market complete it's down move. That's my working premise. If I'm proved wrong, that's OK too as I will be able to react to what is not happening.

I'm trialing the DTNIQ data feed. Haven't used it before but it looks OK so far. Their continuous data for Eurex markets that I can use in my 3rd party charting packages is the reason for the trial.

Today was a quiet start. There was finally a pullback upwards that couldn't last as the JPMorgan news filtered around the markets. Maybe the upward couple of days won't happen now and we will complete the down moves and then rally for the swing trade up. Interesting.


  1. Hey EL, what are the trade offs now between data feeds DTNIQ, eSignal and broker data with the less focus on VB and AVB?

  2. Broker data is usually fine with range or Renko bars if you don't need super accurate volume although in many broker feeds - eg zenfire - the volume is good enough. I think all feeds are incomplete or massaged in some way so as long as you are consistent, it's OK