Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A Picture is Worth .....

The pic tells it all. First aggressive entry may be only 50%, but the second one is "all in" as they say in Hold 'Em. The only real decision to make was whether to cover it all at the support or believe that the support would break during the session.  Leaving a runner with a break-even stop/ OCO/ MOC and going to the beach could be one option.


  1. Hi EL

    When you say "the first entry may only be 50%" do you mean it's only a 50% chance of being a winning trade; or do you mean you're putting on the trade with 50% of normal position size?

  2. Hi EL,

    Could you say something about your current option's strategies?


  3. Daniel, I'm starting a second blog so I can keep track of my trades. I'll start it in the middle of next week, hopefully and put a link to it from this blog. I trade some great directional butterflies and other strategies that are usually classed as income producing but add greater profitability by making them directional using the same methodologies you see here but using daily data.