Friday, 18 May 2012

They Believe

U.S. stock markets finally had some heavy volume. I was watching the big guys distribute the last few days. Looks like the weaker hands may be acpitulating. The support I mention here is what is significant at the moment. We did get to 1293ish this morning in London (maybe even lower by the time you read this). I'd love a bounce from here but can't yet see that happening but then I'm not one of the strong hands that impacts direction. I only trade the trend of my one chart.

DAX this morning had lots of opportunities as usual. The FavFib just keeps on giving. The pic below shows the trades as well as the trade I DID NOT take. This last trade was a FavFib but price started to go up the zipper of yesterday's Profile. This is all explained in detail in the DVDs.


  1. Buy the DVD's!!!!!! If you want to make it as a trader you need the DVD's

  2. Glad yr getting good use of the DVDs Hersh. All the live markets on the explanation of the nuances help a lot.