Friday, 8 June 2012

Night Trading

I'm spending the day in Milan today with family. We have tickets to see Da Vinci's LAST SUPPER. So I had to find a trade for overnight.

ES was the candidate. The red horizontal line was support in yesterday's session. There was a sell off late in the RTH session that resulted in a very overbought market which led to short covering into the close.

My safe trade was that the down move would continue over night. We were at that horizontal broken support, now resistance plus the resistance of the 33EMA.


I had a 2 point stop a tick above the highs of the previous pullback and a target at my FavFib below. I woke up at about 5am French time to a good result. I'm rolling ES over to Sept today.


  1. EL - ThinkorSwim now has range bars (but not Renkos) and I've tried to to duplicate your CCI. You must have some added smoothing to your 45, 6 CCI? No matter how I modify the 2CCI parameters, I don't get anything like yours.

    Also, your Renko bars removed/filled the $5 gap in the 15 minute break between the end of RTH and start of overnight session. How does that work? Seems not to be very realistic. You sold at the close of RTH? Because when ES re-opened it was $5 lower? Or am I looking at the wrong contract month?

    Lastly, $0.80 for Renko bars on ES? Wondering how you got that bizarre decimal fraction for ES that only trades in quarter points?

  2. Anon 02:39, Firstly, your charts do NOT need to be the same as mine. We are only looking to identify trend and pullbacks. Having said that, ToS has WoodiesCCI. Try that but change the bigCCI input to 45, 50 or 63 or something like that. MultiCharts Renkos can be set to draw different ways and fill or leave gaps. The chart was June. The setting for ES Renkos is 0.75. There was a bug in that version of Renkos for MultiCharts that is now fixed that affected the display. Finally, your data and how, when and from whom it comes to you will always make a difference. Consistency is what counts.