Thursday, 26 July 2012

Algos Trades Are Good Average Trades

I thought I'd post this chart from today's DAX trading.

Flo had a nothing day, small down so far, although we have a few hours to go. The reason I'm showing this is that the markets reacted to this morning's statement by the President of the European central Bank (ECB). He told the market that he would do what was needed to save the Euro.

The market popped - without Flo. My algos are designed to have an 80% plus win rate and are NOT designed to catch these types of moves. I want Flo to grind it out, day after day. I want green and more green. I don't care or expect to catch the black swan type news as I know if I design for that, I'll get a low win rate and huge swings in my P and L. I'm not after home runs. I want lots of small profits that add up to a large profit every year. I can add more contracts if I want more profits, not to add more risk.


  1. Does the Flo algo you are selling include the new stops you mentioned on Tuesdays blog?

  2. Anon, I don't sell algos. What I do is try and teach you how to create them. As part of that, I provide the code for all the algos you see in the blog plus many, many more.