Monday, 20 August 2012

Friday's Close, Monday's Trade

Sunday: Here's the MarketProfile up to Friday's close. I have done the split of Friday's Profile into the distributions as I normally do while trading.

Looking at the last split, I have what looks like a breakout into a new distribution. As a day trader, I don't take overnights but if I was a longer term DAX trader I might be tempted to consider an overnight or option position.

As a discretionary trader, this picture gives me a good idea for a trade on the open on Monday morning. I have some defined support and resistance and can easily see when I'm wrong. I'm writing this part of the post on Sunday morning and will continue writing on Monday after I have traded the open.

Monday: All went according to plan. Price bounced off the VAH of the last completed Friday's distribution and I got my pullback which I traded up to my FavFib. Discretionary trading requires thinking and working out what the probabilities are.

We're getting to the end of summer and I'll be trading manually a lot more as we go towards winter. Come December and I'll probably be less manually active again as the ski season begins.

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