Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rock 'n Roll Today?

Today, we'll see how the Europeans go about trying to solve the current situation. If they don't make a decent effort the market will punish them and we'll all pay the price of politicians being more interested in themselves than us. So what else is new?

I'm in London for the week-end for the Olympics to watch some horse jumping. Mrs EL was a contender for the U.S. team when she was growing up. I hope that anyone that is in the UK for the Olympics is enjoying it.

The ECB has just spoken and not loudly enough and they were punished. Lots of volatility. I was watching the ES tank while the Russell rallied like mad. Had to be a great pairs trade there.

I was patient and had my opportunities: I bought the pullbacks in the direction of the trend. Here are just two examples.

Anyone interested in swing trading using this same methodology can look at my Options blog here, as I will be posting daily swing trades before the U.S. open. These trades will use options so risk can be very specifically limited.

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  1. El, most of us do not do options, can you translate the same option trades into the straight up futures trading