Monday, 24 September 2012


This Light Crude Market Profile chart is a good example of what I have been talking about in recent posts about context. While it's possible to trade CP without this context, using it allows me to have a higher win rate and trade larger size more confidently when I do my business at places that the context verifies.

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  1. jenrique42

    my trades today
    in euro

    the dax

    in the euro after two hours in the market I had to leave because I had the time, but now when I returned from work and I get to my target zone, bittersweet day,

    the DAX had already taken the turnaround in the chat, but still with a trade in the euro lost good entry at 15.50, about 7407-7408, also bittersweet day, and also when and back from work and seen that my idea was good


    mis trades de hoy
    en el euro

    en el dax

    en el euro despues de dos horas dentro del mercado me he tenido que salir porque se me acababa el tiempo, pero ahora cuando e vuelto del trabajo veo que llego a mi zona objetivo, dia agridulce,

    en el dax ya se habia producido el cambio de tendencia en el chat, pero estando con un trade en el euro perdi la entrada buena de las 15:50, sobre 7407-7408, tambien dia agridulce, y tambien cuando e vuelto del trabajo e visto que mi idea inicial era buena