Tuesday, 4 September 2012

VAH Again

As I said, it just keeps on repeating itself.

DAX touched the VAH and allowed me a sell around 7015.00 and a buy back at VAL 6990.00 ish. 25 DAX points per contract or 625 Euros. I'm finished with futures for the day and it was just after 8 am, London time.

It snowed over Chamonix and Mont Blanc on the week-end so I'm getting my ski stuff organised. Hopefully we will be able to ski in late November. I'll be in London next week for a while. Looking forward to it.

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  1. jenrique42

    I was stuck there will his spirit, so that when I read your post, it seemed that I read this morning thinking, this is a pattern that repeats itself, I've seen several times, and not only with the VAH previous day, but also with the dax VAH session with Yankee, ie doing a split of trading dax and the play seems quite effective


    se me habra pegado el espiritu de EL, tanto, que al leer su post, parecia que me habia leido el pensamiento de esta mañana, este es un patron que se repite, ya lo he visto varias veces, y no solo con el VAH del dia anterior, sino tambien con el VAH del dax con la sesion yanki, es decir, haciendo un split de la sesion del dax y parece bastante efectiva la jugada