Friday, 5 October 2012

Trade Setting Up??

Today's pics are a series of the DAX. Price opened right on the VAH of yesterday and dipped into the VA. Is it a BUY or is it a SELL? Too early to tell in pic 1.

Now let's see what happened next.

The market chose to accept value within the VA. Short at about 7332. The market is quiet ahead of the Jobs number so I will take profits on half at the POC and may be earlier if order flow dictates.

Took profit on half at 7325 as the market stalled at the POC area and covered the balance at 7333 as the TPOs went 3 wide straddling the VAH, making the trade into a 50/50 probability or maybe 60/40 to the upside. I made a net profit of 6 points on a half size trade, less commish.


  1. This is really good stuff Tom. Thanks for the profile explanations!

  2. Real basic question: If the 99 and the 33 period MA are sloping down are you ALWAYS looking for a short entry? and vice versa?

    Just wondering if there's a general rule when both of these MAs are moving clearly in the same direction.

    1. Ruben, Yes, the trend changes when the 2 EMAs cross.

  3. Excellent post. Trades explained from the beginning to the end with Market Profile and charts besides each other. Please show us more of these trades the next days...

  4. jenrique42

    On Friday I did not trading but despite that I saw the first trader of the session, like. EL as you can see in the attached images

    The DAX opened on V.A.H. the day before, as he says. E.L. between the two maxima of the IB of the previous days that made resistance area, which caused the first entry short, so a trade would be completed daily goals

    By midafternoon the dax was in daily highs, then I made a comment, not if people comprencio but more often is that I take on crazy jejejejeej indeed what it says is this "we were at record highs, and the bullish sentiment was very, very strong, would be crazy to say such a thing but .............. "(what I said is that we were going down)

    There were certain circumstances that supported this statement and see if you see it in the MP


    El viernes no hice trading pero a pesar de eso vi el primer trader de la sesion, al igual que .E.L. como se puede ver en las imagenes adjuntas

    El dax abrio sobre el V.A.H. del dia anterior, como dice .E.L. , entre los dos maximos de los IB de los dias anteriores que hizo de zona de resistencia, lo que provoco la primera entrada a corto, con un trade asi estaria los objetivos diarios cumplidos

    A media tarde el dax estaba en maximos del dia, entonces hice un comentario, no se si la gente lo comprencio pero lo mas normal es que me tomaran por loco jejejejeej por cierto lo que dice es lo siguiente " estabamos en maximos, y el sentimiento alcista era muy pero que muy fuerte, tendria que estar LOCO para decir una cosa asi pero .............." (lo que dije es que nos ibamos para abajo)

    Habia ciertas circustancias que apoyaban esta afirmacion a ver si la veis en el MP