Sunday, 15 September 2013


The LPGA came to my neighbourhood last week and Friday saw Mrs EL and I head to Evian, the home of mineral water, to watch the golf - The Evian Championship billed as the first Major in Europe. The course is breath-taking. It is situated in the foothills overlooking Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) and the day was sunny and bright.

We stayed the morning and got back to the farm after lunch in time for the RTH open.

I have two students on the go at the moment learning hybrid trading. One is still on theory and the other has started SIM with great results. We have a good trading plan that has achieved a high win rate and next week we are progressing to stage 2 along the road to CP. Hybrid trading seems to be the shortest road to CP as it provides the discipline to take the specific trades that have been tested and put into the trading plan. I'm teaching the use of a technique to turn the FloBot on and off as the conditions change making the appearance of a trading picture possible. This again improves performance.

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