Saturday, 7 September 2013

Hybrid Trading Made Easier

The advent of Bloodhound is a big deal for hybrid traders. The vid below shows one of my hybrid trading workspaces.

I have two types of entries: Inside-Out and Outside-In. the new GoFloTM FloBots are both active on the chart but can be turned on and off with a single click. The logic, created in Bloodhound, does all the entry work. However, and this is where it gets cool, several bars before any possible triggering of a signal, as I see the picture may be coming, I just turn on the trade I want to take. As soon as Flo sees all the conditions have been met, a trade is immediately fired of to the broker. I don't need to be too much on the ball or even be quick. Flo does that. I then manage the trade with my rules that have been documented in my trading plan. There is a drop dead stop and a "this trade is no longer a go" exit rule so if I'm not paying attention then the world does not end. I can make the trade fully auto by entering a profit target.

I make the choice of when to turn a Flo on and whether I want the Inside-Out or Outside-In logic to be active, or both. The beauty is I don't have to be too alert or too quick to catch a trade. I can easily trade more than one market at a time.

My tools: Ninjatrader, Bloodhound, PureLogik Renko bars, GoFlo (the EL algos), and a specific trading plan governing my trade management.See details of the tools here.

I've made a video to show how I do it.


  1. EL, thanks for your recent posts and the video - very interesting!

    One question re Ninja: if I recall correctly, you had previously not used Ninja because it did not permit bracket OCO orders to be held on the broker's servers. Has that changed, or have you decided to trade with bracket OCO orders only on your computer and not the broker's server?

    Thanks -


  2. Dave, yes, you remember well. However, everything is a tradeoff. I'm still using MultiCharts for some algos but for hybrid trading Ninja has some big pluses - mainly the LURenkos and the ability to backtest renkos with tick data and get proper stats (but you need a third party proprietary add-in to achieve that). Also, Everything I run is on a VPS so the chances of internet issues are pretty remote although Ninja has other issues such as overfill. The technology has moved ahead but has also added more complexity to making choices.