Monday, 21 October 2013

Hybrid Trade into my Fav Fib

The chart below is a Ninjatrader chart with Bloodhound taking my EL signals. Each of the racing stripes are a signal: Green for BUY and Red for SELL. There is a panel on the right that allows the trader to switch the algo on and off and to manually exit trades.

A Hybrid trader can turn the algo on when he sees conditions are close to a trade setting up. He can do this from watching his Market Profile or just looking at the EMAs converging or the CCIs changing trend.

Once a trade has been triggered by Bloodhound, the trade can be exited manually at a predetermined target such as my Fav Fib as in the picture below. If a trade is exited then the algo will enter a new trade when the conditions specificed in the algo are met. That's why you see all the racing stripes. No additional trade if you are already in a position in that direction.

If you turn on Flo and the conditions are not met, there is no trade.

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