Friday, 22 November 2013

Finally, Making Money With Market Profile (TM)

Finally, Making Money With Market Profile TM.

That's the title of the Book. As readers of this blog and students know, context can substantially improve profitability. Yes, you can be CP without context, or at least without structured context (there is always some form of context in our minds) but using MP greatly improves my performance. Its a bit frustrating I can't effectively wrap that context into an algo.

However, for both discretionary and hybrid traders, context can be a like a magnifying glass on profits if properly used.

A good example is today's Bund. The Bund was my main market when I was on the LIFFE floor as a local. While the German unification was under way, Bund trading was like money falling from the sky. You didn't even have to bend over to pick it up. You also didn't really have to be a good trader to make money, But if you were good then ,,,,,,,,,,

Anyway, enough of wishful thinking of the good old days. Splitting the Profile correctly is the key to getting the proper information from it. Then, using the EL pictures at those key points makes for a happy trader.

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