Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Back from Oz

Just got back from Australia. Its a place I always love having lived there for about 25 years. Its changed a lot from those days, especially Sydney that has become a nightmare of traffic and underground tunnels. But you can't beat those beaches and the sunshine. I spent a week in Surfers Paradise with two of my kids who live in Oz. A great time was had by all.

I'm hard back at work now. The markets are still in this state of transition. I'm beginning to believe that this "transition" may go on forever.

Information travels at the speed of the internet and as money goes more global, more and more activity spikes are taking place in different time zones as reality and information collides with large positions and funds. There are guys now sitting in Shanghai who weren't there before. And in Dubai and other places. The continued globalization means that a trader needs to be more aware and nimble.

Kiki and I are working on some new algos for markets that we haven't traded much before. Diversification is another way to manage risk. More soon.


  1. Any news on when the MP book might become available? Will it contain any insights or developments that can't be gained from the blog posts?

  2. Welcome back! Glad to see you writing on the blog again. Oz is indeed a wonderful place.