Tuesday, 8 July 2014

OFT Transition from Short to Long

The pic below is a good example of the OFT bars showing the transition from short to long. The red arrow shows the bar that is where a long can be taken against support as the predominantly red prices turn to green right where there is "support" from the Bollinger Band. The CCIs also show the possible transition.What the picture does not show is that there was support on the Market Profile too. Putting the two together is a very powerful methodology.

The Market Profile book I am writing will contain many embedded videos so that this technique can be properly shown. I will start with all the Market Profile techniques and then show all the OFT techniques and then I will put the two together so that the reader can create a trading plan to take advantage of  the higher win rate and larger average trades that can be accomplished using this idea.

I need to go back and redo a lot of what I have written and videoed but I am putting more effort into this project now. Once the material has been created I have a guy that will put the material into a format that can be read on many electronic devices.

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