Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Lots of Trades are this Clear!`

I'm in the process of doing a training that I'm recording to use in the new book. We're at the point of creating a trading plan. My trading plan consists of a number of trading pictures, each of which has its own "rules". I've written "rules" in quotes as these rules are not mechanical rules but rules that allow us to recognise specific trade opportunities. Each picture has certain order flow and context requirements and we learn to recognise and react to these opportunities instantly. No umming and ahhing required. Its a picture that is easily recognizable.

The pic below is this mornings DAX. As you can see, the distance between the VAH and the POC was worth about 750 euros per contract. We have 4 trades in that space taking out much more than 750 euros per contract. And we haven't even gone down to the VAL....yet.

Trading orderflow in this Market Profile context allows us to make very high win rate trades with low risk. This context allows us to see the potential profit and risk per trade very clearly before we enter. In this way it is easy to see whether a trade should be taken. A properly constructed trading plan is a critical part of the process to CP.


  1. Hi EL,

    Was wondering if part 1 is done? Will the above mention of a trading plan be included in part 1?

    Thanks and looking forward to reading your book!


  2. jenrique42

    esta ya a la venta su libro?

    is for sale his book on MP?

  3. Do you have a time frame for when the book will be out?