Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Lots of Action on FED Day

I didn't know where to look first today. Everything was moving: DAX, ES, ZB Euro and, of course the BUND.

I spent most of my time on the floor in the Bunds from  the day they were first traded on LIFFE, before the DTB existed. The Bund contract was taken from LIFFE by the DTB by making it cheaper to trade electronically That was the beginning of the end of pit trading for LIFFE. I was an early user of the DTB terminal that I had to use from my clearer's office - there was no PATS yet. PATS was started by an American LIFFE Local who saw the future of trading.

Anyway, the BUND was a great market on LIFFE, especially during the years of German unification after the Wall came down.

Today the Bund is still a great market. It has gone through a quieter period but its really worth trading now. If you are in a different time zone and looking to trade something in your ETH then maybe the Bund is for you. The cream coloured buttons on the order flow chart are algos that I can arm with a single click when the context is right. Trigger is the order flow. The indicators and MP are the context. As you can see, the indicators are the same ones I've used since forever and can be seen in this blog since 2010. They now are part of the context that makes understanding the order flow much easier.

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