Monday, 6 April 2015


Just returned from 8 days in Dubai. Its an amazing place. The skyscrapers there dwarf what you see in New York or anywhere else. Everything old becomes new again. Hard to find a building older than 10 years or even 5. 90% of the people there are expatriates working tax free.

Today's chart is the 30 Year T-Bond. I've traded Bonds since 1982 when I met the father of financial futures, Richard Sandor. He was working for Drexel Lambert. Another broker that I had met brought Richard to my office in London to get my business. Needless to say, he did. Richard is a very remarkable man.

Anyway, the chart shows a nice zipper. Most zippers get run sooner rather than later. But to ve sure, my order flow chart will tell me when. In this case I'm happy to sell the VAL of the distribution above the zipper and sit till either "ching ching" or price is accepted inside value. Or, my order flow chart tells me that I need to exit.

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  1. Can we see a snapshot of your order flow chart for the bonds for this day?