Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Algos for Hybrid Trading

For me, the optimum way to trade is hybrid trading: a mixture of algo and manual.

What this means is that I have an algo that I can turn on and off, and more. The more is that I have buttons for the different components of all my trading pictures and trade management and I can select which parts of which picture I want to use in a particular context.

I do not believe that its possible to achieve the same profitability with an algo as a proficient discretionary trader. However, with a hybrid algo I can achieve a larger daily consistent profit for less risk than discretionary trading of just one market.

It is not possible for me to program all of the context into an algo and that is why hybrid trading - turning on and configuring the algo for each trade - works best for me. You can see more about this in previous posts and pictures.

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