Friday, 4 March 2016

Numbers and Orderflow and Algos

Writing this waiting for the monthly unemployment numbers.

The pic tells the story. Selling revealed itself after the market went overbought. It sold all the way down to the POC of the day's Volume Profile. I've been doing a lot of work on using Volume Profiles intra day and I'll be showing more about that. We've got a lot of information about order flow in our data stream and we have the technology to reveal the information we need to trade CP. Its now just a matter of learning how to use it. We're in very competative markets. We are competing against a lot of smart people and HFTs. Using algos is a must for most of us if we are to succeed.

The markets liked the number, at first but over cooked it. Then the opportunities showed themselves. The buttons at the top of the chart allow me to place trades based on a combination or orderflow and context. Go Flo.


  1. Question, The Green and Red arrows are when a specific condition is met? If so, can you share what that condition is to print the arrow?


    1. I can configure the conditions behind the arrows and can do that market by market. In addition, I can control context and other rules using the buttons which then auto action the trade, on a trade by trade basis, when the particular conditions I have set are met.