Thursday, 18 May 2017

Trade of the Year or Just Biz as Usual

The chart above is a very typical EL trade that you have seen in this bloh for some 8 years, although today's trade was really hard to miss. First entry was at the old EL entry with the CCI overbought and the market pulled back and ready to return to at least the mean. Second entry opportunity, you could call it a confirmation or a wake up call,  was the confirmation that order flow had decided to sell. "They" began to unload again. It was then a matter of scaling out as price went down and hope that you don't run out of bullets, although there was an opportunity to reload if you did.

1 comment:

    For some time I have not heard from you, I would be very glad to know that you are still loose on the markets doing your own.
    You computerized its method and then you entered the order flow, but I have studied the order flow first and now I intend to computerize it, I could give some advice, go beforehand my thanks for your time
    At least tell me in which programming language did and under what platform, thanks

    hace ya algun tiempo que no se nada de usted, me alegraria bastante el saber que todavia anda suelto por los mercados haciendo de las suyas.
    usted informatizo su metodo y luego le introdujo el order flow, pero yo he estudiado primero el order flow y ahora pretendo informatizarlo, me podria dar algun consejo, vaya de antemano mi agradecimiento por su tiempo
    por lo menos indicarme en que lenguaje de programacion lo hizo y bajo que plataforma, gracias