Wednesday, 6 June 2018

"To the Moon, Alice!"

As the Great One often used to say, "to the moon, Alice. Bang! Zoom." The pic beow is the Hang Seng future traded on the Hong Kong exchange. If you're finding the DAX a little too slow then this market is worth looking at. Lots of opportunity to both make money and to get your head handed to you. Caveat Emptore.

Having said that, the open of this market at 9.15am Hong Kong time often has a great move and the style of trading using almost pure volume can really capture the moves in this and most other markets. Not a lot of magic in the chart. Volume Profiles and bars. Below that there's Cumulative Delta with a moving average on it. That's all I need.

Funny how the market often stops at my Fav Fib.

So the magic is not in the chart but how you use it. I have a discretionary but mechanical way of trading this chart that I really like. It is really easy to learn with a short learning curve I think. I'll put a video course together for those interested in learning the finer details if there is enough interest. My goal is to get people to CP faster and surer.


  1. jenrique42

    of course I'm signing

  2. Thanks. Looking forward to the video.

  3. Hi Tom, can you please explain a bit more why you had a buy stop set within the first minute? It seems HK can just as easily gap and go as it can fade the gap

  4. Having purchased one of the DVD's a few years back I'd be interested in a video course. Good to see you back on the blog.

  5. I am interested in you making a short learning video that you mentioned above. Have you enough interest from others to do this or not?