Thursday, 2 August 2018

Love These Trend Days

Price opened below value and it was a a matter of watching when order flow started buying responsivly. That happened almost right off the bat. Big CCI overbought and turned up. In fact, I was long before RTH based on what had happened in the London session.

The volume profiles showed value moving up all day. I took the pic at about 1 pm EST and it was then a question of whether my Fav Fib target would actually be hit or not. By then it didn't matter a lot for me as I was almost out of bullets after scaling out all the way up. These trend days can be recognized by the narrow breadth of TPOs. I start off by buying the order flow and Profile and then make my exit strategy based on what happens next. The Trend Days cannot be predicted after the RTH close but often the Asian and London sessions give a good clue.

I tend to scale at resistance points as those areas may be all that's in the trade. First scale is usually 50%. I am very mindful of the fact that the math has to work: win rate and multiples of risk need to provide a very positive expectancy.

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