Wednesday, 23 January 2019

ELgo™ is Here!!

Finally, after years of work, ELgorithmic™ Trading is here. My ELgos™ are leaps further developed than my FloBot. Flo was good, especially for the technology of the time, but like most algorithms she degraded, sometimes very quickly, sometimes after quite a while.

Unlike Flo, ELgo™ is reborn every day. Each day I have a new fresh ELgo™. Not just reoptimized, but recreated from scratch. Each day, we data mine using several different processes and produce the most robust ELgo™ we can. But, our ELgo is designed to work for just one day. We throw it away the day after. No degradation!

The process of creating ELgo™ is where the magic is. Big Data and Data Scientist are the current buzz words in business now as companies have found that there is an immense amount of information hidden in large data sets. However, knowing how and what to data mine is both an art and a science, especially in the trading environment. Pete Steidlmayer, who helped us traders find value, used to say that traders were information processors. Traders now need to be data scientists, as that is where the value can be found. So to succeed, you need to learn to trade and then learn how to mine data! Quite a steep learning curve

That’s where ELgos™ come in. They help bypass that steep learning curve as neither trading knowledge nor data mining expertise is required.

Cutting to the chase, we are looking for a limited number of beta testers for our ELgos™. We know our ELgos™ work, however we need to ensure the end to end process of delivering those ELgos™ to users is seamless and timely. We’ll give you an extended free trial of the ELgos in exchange for helping us ensure the process is as smooth as we can make it.

We will support ELgos™ for MultiCharts, NinjaTrader 7, and TradeStation, so we are looking for people who have those platforms or want to get a free trial of MultiCharts or use the free SIM in NinjaTrader. 

You can also get a free two-week trial of a VPS if you want it.
What you get
         First access to information and the opportunity to use ELgos (free!) before anyone else.
         An extended beta free trial. You’ll also be eligible for the 2 week free trial all new customers receive once we go live. This mean a fresh ELgo™ every trading day.
         A two-week free trial of a VPS, highly recommended unless you have a bullet proof IT setup and are close to your broker’s servers
         A great learning experience with algorithmic trading
         The free opportunity to see if ELgo™ trading is for you
         To be the first what we believe will disrupt retail traders algorithmic trading
         A free opportunity to find a new stream of income without need to use up more than a few minutes a day of your time
         Access to a new website full of great information

What we get
         The bugs out of our new website
         The bugs out of getting a range of ELgos™ with varying periodicities and session times to you in a timely manner.
         A community of like-minded traders that will help us find more markets and session times for our ELgos™. This is another reason for making ELgos™ available to a wider group of people.
         The satisfaction of helping people get to CP

If you want to be a beta tester then please email us “electroniclocal at gmail dot com” with the details of which platform you will be using for your trial. Places are limited so first come first served and we will cut off when we have sufficient of each of the three platforms. If you have been selected as a Beta tester, we will email you with further details.

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