Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Today's Trades




  1. Don't understand that second trade, it was right into the globex POC.

  2. I was wondering if you ever considered going short in the area of trades 2 and 3 when VB was showing big red candles, CVD was headed down, and we crossed under the 33EMA? I was thinking short 2 bars before trade 2 when it closed a hair underneath the EMA. I thought if we break 1118 we'd have at least room to go to 1115 based on MP. Just trying to gain insight into your thinking. Thanks.

  3. Holy Cow! He's human like the rest of us...it's actually good for me to see you miss one every now and again. Helps remind me that nobody bats a thousand(baseball terminology for getting a hit every at-bat).

  4. EL
    Could you pls elaborate how you use the Keltner bands to help your trades.
    TIA David

  5. Anon 19:46, I didn't see that at the time and misread the order flow.
    Anon 01:02, I look at the order flow at the s and r areas.
    Anon 13:37, the Keltners are the edges of my football field or pitch. I look for reversals outside them.

  6. Hi EL

    Would you mind posting a screenshot of the settings for the CVD indicator. I have fiddled with this for a while but never get the same readings as you on the chart if I use the delta bars.
    If I select an average it reverts to a histogram, so I am uncertain how you are averaging such a long period and still maintain the delta bars.


  7. Hi EL

    This is repost, as the first one has not appeared. Is it possible for you to post a screenshot of the CVD settings on MD. I have tried several combinations but am not getting to the same result or anywhere near yours visually as well, thanks