Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Is FloBot a Terrible Name?

I think I am very much in touch with the difficulties in becoming CP (consistently profitable). It is hard to forget my own pain in striving to become a trader for a living.

Kiki and I have been playing around with some ideas on how we can try using FloBot to turn a previously struggling trader into one that can make money while they are honing their skills. We both have some ideas about this which we are still discussing. We will talk about as soon as FloBot is ready and we have worked out something which we think is viable.

On another entirely different matter.

I got an email that basically said FloBot was a really terrible name.  What can I say, I wasn't a marketing major at Uni and neither was Kiki.

If you the readers can come up with a better name, that would be great.  The person who supplies the chosen name will receive a "surprise" related to their trading.

Now for todays trades. Its Euro FX futures. Another good market - aren't they all when you are making money! The logic was "all in and all out". The way FloBot is being set up is so that we can use logic exit rules or use monetary scale out points or both. Every setup will have an on and off switch so we can just trade one or more setups for any particular market. We will identify any setups not to use through automated back testing.

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  1. I suggest the RANGER as the name for the FloBot. Alternative: the LOCALRANGER.

  2. Okay ... one more ALTERNATIVE: the BARRANGER

  3. Hello Tom,

    Best wishes for a full and fast recovery of your son!

  4. I'll throw out "Tiki Trader" (T for Tom, iki for Kiki) for possible name. All the best during these trying times for your family.

  5. You are the Electronic Local, you trade using the order flow. I think FloBot is a great name - short, catchy and descriptive. So I vote for keeping it (yeah I know, it isn't a vote :). "The Electronic Local FloBot".

    All the best to you and your family.

  6. Hi Tom,

    You make it look effortless - as an expert should! What kept you out out the 10:00 long trade?



  7. Hello Boss,

    Just as if it was an ugly child, I would accept it because it was yours. However, the name did remind me of a couple of things. One, not sure if they are in London but Flo from Progressive Insurance with a buy side bias Two, some evil machine Goldman Sachs came up with to suck up all the order flow.

    My choices for names in no particular order.

    3.Kiki XL1


    Ps I think I was your fist follower on the blog, does that qualify for something?

  8. Hi, i am interested in the template for the euro, can be shared? Thank you for your work

  9. Why not name your trading program "Protec" as it blends together your understanding of market "profile" with your added "technical" analysis tools. In a sense it also "protects" you from enetering bad trades. Just a thought,

    Regards, Cory

  10. EL,

    Trade 1 was a trade that was really hard for me to understand from a setup perspective. I have MarketDelta and replayed the session this evening to try to see what you were seeing. I saw a strong uptrend in place with EMAs gapped apart and widening, long CCI above 100 for a number of bars, etc. The price moved down toward the 33 EMA and VB was flip flopping back and forth with no real momentum either way.

    It seemed like the perfect opportunity for a bounce higher off of the 33 EMA. I couldn't see anything in real time that would make me want to go short on the close of that range bar breaking the 33 EMA. Can you point to anything specifically that got you into that trade? These types of trades are what seperate the men from the boys in my opinion and I'm clearly still wearing diapers. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  11. call it the ElBot

    thanks for all you do

  12. Tom,

    I like the name FloBot. For an alternative name, I suggest TomTom ( Trend, orderflow, and momentum)!

  13. Hi Tom,

    Very sorry to hear about your son. I truly wish him a speedy recovery.

    Looking at your Euro trades I´m wondering what kept you from going long at the 3rd bar after your first exit (X1). The delta was green, the 33ema was green, the 6cci crossed the 45cci 2 bars ago and the 45cci crossed the zero line.

    Was it the low buying activety in the previos 2 bars or that the 6cci was at +150 so your were expecting a pullback? Or was it something else in context?


  14. Hi Tom....

    I liked the name FloBot but since you are looking out for other options and offering a surprise, which I am sure most of the readers of the blog would love to get a hold of.

    The names that I would like to suggest are:

    * ZeeBot,
    * TradeBot,
    * MKV CREW (sounds like a boy band but they r initials of all indicators used in El Methodology)

    Thats all I got for now...


  15. One more question, tom, please. I'm observing your charts and setups for a very long time, but can't understand the logics of it, so could you get a some hint? I'm talking especially about setup, which occured on ~10:30. It's third bar above ema 33 with a green delta. Everything was in: green delta, green cum delta, cci is rising, price is above momdot, price closed above ema 33, 99, ema's is green. So why don't you take such a trade, but only short nr 2? Trade nr. 4 seems similar to this one for me?

  16. Tom,

    It's a bit of fun so how about

    "Tom's HotBot"

    Or should it be "Kiki's HotBot" ....

  17. Hi Tom

    thanks for posting the EURO FX futures trades. I am mainly trading FX and are very lucky to see your method working also in this market. As you use range bars and order flow mainly it seems really very stable and reliable - almost independent on the market and its underlying volatility.

    My suggestion for your the name is pretty simple:

    T = tom
    R = range bars
    O = order flow
    M = momentum

    cheers and all the best for Nick and your family again,

  18. Personally I like the name FloBot - as an Aussie Flo is a good shortened name.
    However I would vote for the suggestions already mentioned... Tomtom (you would probably get sued)
    and the Tiki trader (it just is marketing gold)

    as my own suggestion (also from an Aussie perspective)given its designed to be consistently profitable from what everyone else is doing
    call it the ATO = Auto Trade Orderflow (or as its also commonly named the Australian Tax Office)
    Good luck in your sons fight.

  19. I dont mind FloBot...maybe just replace Flo with ElectronicFlow or E-Flow.

    It's late but ow's about:

    FireYourBossBot :)

  20. I happen to like FloBot but here goes...


  21. My suggestion is "YourDream" :).

  22. flobot gets my vote (already like her even though we not yet met :-)

    "celofoid" (consistentelectroniclocalorderflow(andr)oid)

    guess i'll keep the day job then, ha.


  23. My suggested name:


    (profitable + auto + tom)

    Tx. Otto

  24. EL, You could always give the Flobot an actual persona, Maybe you can call it Al, as in Al G. Rithm?

  25. Hi,Tom,
    My suggestion: FlowBoat (Trading with order flow, market flow etc.)
    Good luck for your family.


  26. The way people are already salivating over the FloBot you could call it "Auntie Ester's Hang Nail" and they would still break down the doors to get a copy. BTW, if you use that name I want a copy too.

  27. Tom's trading methods + Kiki's coding =

    T = Tom
    O = Order flow
    R = Range bars
    K = Kiki

  28. I think I've had one too many:

    S = Setup
    T = Trade
    O = Order flow
    R = Range bar
    M = Momentum

  29. Kevin, the CCIs.
    Thanks Rino, it does.
    Klonney, its the same as the ES. All markets are the same, I just use the basic 2 bar DDStop and usually the same for the first scale out.
    Mike, Price had come down from a new high, 45CCI showed momentum had turned down, 6CCI couldn't get back over zero, CVD which lags had turned.
    Filip, trend was down and it felt like a retracement to the EMA because the 6CCI was leading thr 45CCI by a lot.
    Chris, see above.Looking at the context not just the indicators helps a lot.