Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Nick, My Family and I Thank You

Thanks everyone who sent Nick their best wishes. The posted comments and many emails were really wonderful. There were too many for me to be able to respond to individually so please accept this posting as my response. I am a believer in karma and I am certain all the expressions of good thoughts from all of you will help Nick in his battle.

This news is not something I would normally share so publically but I felt a responsibility to those who are relying on the blog and you should know why your questions are now not answered in a timely manner.  Old school values.

As you know, this is not the first time my family has been touched by the dark shadow of cancer and it makes me more determined to help stamp out or control this invisible predator in my small way.

I am continuing business as usual, as I find my routines are helpful in keeping me together. As a side note, writing this blog for Kiki has had a benefit for me - my trading has improved. My win rate is higher. I don't know whether it's the extra focus with people watching over my shoulder - greater accountability. Whatever it is, I want to keep it up for not only that reason but also because I have seen the difference it has made to quite a few of you. Not many of us have the priviledge of seeing something they do, providing a significant direct benefit to others.

P.S. - Never underestimate the power of going over your daily trading charts.

Thank you again.

Today's trades are for the US T-Bonds, a market I traded in the early 1980s when it had the largest volumes of any future market, about 300,000 contracts a day. Of course it was pit traded as there were no electronic markets. Customers phoned orders to a broker and often waited 10 minutes to find out of they had been filled.

This is still a great market. Look how smoothly it trades. Yesterday was more profitable than today but, hey, $700+ is not bad.

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  1. "There are still some good people in the world"..........(an idea my grandfather left me.)

    Tom, the idea remains bright and your "old school values" are an inspiration.

    Best Wishes go to you and your family at this testing time.