Tuesday, 27 April 2010

This is it

There are a few things I want to talk about today.

First, Kiki and I want to thank everyone who has participated in this blog. Not only has it been a fun and enjoyable experience, but it has been great seeing the charts and hearing the stories of many readers' progression to CP ... things have now reached the point where the blog is taking up more personal time and energy than I can devote to it.

Second, I DO NOT want to start a trading education business, or be a seller of trader training CDs, and I don't want to sell indicators or a book or sell training webinars. and neither does Kiki. I'm a trader first, last and until I can no longer put on a trade.  But, the emails asking for training, mentoring and coaching continue to roll into my inbox in a steady stream. So I think we have some unfinished business. So here is the deal.

This is it. One time only. Beginning this July 10,2010  

125 plus hours live teaching/live trading plus 90 days of followup via a forum/email/or closed blog or some other method. The training will be provided on a commercial basis as I will have to stop trading for the whole period of the live activity and this training will also help my charities.

We will cover two types of trading. Firstly, the now familiar Range Bar trading which you have been watching since October and which trades 4 to 8 times during a 14 hour day. The other type of trading I will teach is a scalping type of trading which excels in the lower volatility times when the moves are much shorter. In the ES, this can typically trade more than 20/30 times a 14 hour day taking a full ES point each time. Both trade order flow but with different techniques. Scalping can also suit people holding down a job and who want to trade for a couple of hours at a time when they can.  I will be trading/training on whichever market is active on that day.

What I will teach: Everything you need to know to become a professional trader and the way to learn it and put it into practice with real money. We will start from scratch and build up our charts, teach you what shows what, how to create setups, how to trigger trades and when, how the whole decision making process  should be done, recognising "the picture", and, most importantly, how to learn to do this so you can react and not have to work out what to do and miss trades.

The proposed schedule is:

July 10 and 11: Two days of theory/Q and A, on a Saturday and Sunday. All setups, new techniques for scalping using the same EL methods but with extras.

July 12 to 16: one full week of live trading with teaching 12 hours a day to cover the European and U.S. time zones.

July 19 to 23: one week off where you trade either SIM or live to put into practice what you have learned. During this week I will be available through the webinar site to answer questions about the what I taught during the first week's training and my charts will be up, but I will not give advice about any specific trades. The idea is for you to practice what you have learned so we can correct any problems the following week.

July 25 to July 30: another day of theory/Q and A, on Sunday and another full week of live trading with teaching, same as week one.

Cost will be US$5,000. I will limit the number of people attending. Anyone who can send me a copy of proof of already having contributed to my charity will be given priority if too many people apply. All those attending will be invited to write a guest blog post during the training. You can blog about anything as long as it relates to trading. This training will be recorded and will be made available to the paid participants - subject to technical issues. The recordings may not be sold by me or sold/distributed by anyone else. After this training, I will keep blog the posted for reference only.

I will donate a percentage of the proceeds of the training to my 3 charities based on me retaining only half of what I would have earned from trading during that time. In this way all of us will make a difference. I will take a 50% pay cut for charity and those that benefit from the training will contribute to some very deserving causes.

Included - no extra charge, I will provide all the software signals and indicators I have created and that you have seen on the charts, for MarketDelta/ IRT and in easylanguage for TradeStation and MultiCharts. "Flo" is not included.

You don't "need" this if you are structured enough to create your own schedule after reading this blog.  But for those that want some extra guidance or illumination or maybe want to save themselves time and money getting to CP, than this option might be what you are looking for. This will also allow me to finish what I have started without leaving anyone out on a limb who truly wants to learn to trade using my methods.

Before everyone jumps all over me, I do understand that different people have different budget constraints. But primarily a trader needs to understand what value is, both in the market place and outside it.  Somethings are just worthwhile paying for. An education is certainly one of those.

Anyone wanting to participate, email me at electroniclocal@gmail.com with TRAINING in the subject line please, no commitment at this stage. Without wanting to hype, this will be a unique opportunity for many of you to get to CP in a very much shortened time. You should all have a good idea of what to expect as the blog has spelled out a lot of it since October last year. This personal mentoring may be just what takes you to CP. Getting close to CP is easy, hundreds of thousands of people are still doing it.  It's the last step that is like going to the moon from earth.

Additional note: If you are a genuine hardship case and can't afford the training and have been trading live for at least a year, have some risk capital, email me with your story and your contact details. I will train at least one person for free if I find a genuine deserving need.

The blog will move to a weekly basis with me posting something new on the week-end from the previous week's trading with some charts. This will start as of July 4 week-end. Until then, business as usual.

Trading this morning was tough. I switched to Light Crude until the ES awoke on the downgrading of European debt and rode the roller coaster down.


  1. Hello, Mr. tom. I'm crude oil trader and it would be very interesting for me to see your's todays trades. Also could you tell, please, what is the range of the bar on your crude oil charts? Thank you very much!

  2. Hi EL,

    It's great that you're offering training; but aren't you worried that too many people using your method will decimate your edge and make it ineffective for everyone?

    Thanks for your excellent blog. I enjoy reading it every day.


  3. EL - Sounds awesome, but wish this was offered 6 months ago. Recently started a new job, so can't take advantage of this offer, due to time constraints.

  4. "...You don't "need" this if you are structured enough to create your own schedule after reading this blog..."

    Hi Tom, do you believe all the theroy stuff "needed" to succeed is in the blog for a beginner trader?

    Much appreciated what you are doing, not obvious at all...

    Thank you,

  5. How does it come that you bought the market between 16:15 and 16:23 and missed the short 3 bars later? I thought this short was a easy must-do trade because everything lined up (VB red, CVD red, CCI 45 still below zero, CCI6 above and turned down, crossed your momdots etc.).
    Would be nice if you could explain it a little bit.


  6. Andreyy, I use 0.1 on the CL at the moment but still need more screen time to be sure.
    JMD, see Wednesday's post.
    Anon, 02:53, see Wednesday's post, it may be a solution for you.
    Yuval, yes, the info is there. The training will speed things up a lot and correct anything you have misunderstood or not understood. It's a huge leap from almost CP to CP. Some form of mentoring is very useful and will save you money in the long run. Its a matter of whether you want to pay a little to a mentor or a lot to the market.
    M, that was a re-entry, I did not manually mark the chart up with those for lack of time. The chart only had the auto setups.